Call for Application (2014)

2014 Model UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review

☞ Download Attachment File 1: 2014_UPR_Call_for_Application-EN2.pdf
☞ Download Attachment File 2: 2014_UPR_Application_Form-EN.docx
☞ Download Attachment File 3: 2014_UPR_Special_Arrangements_for_Overseas_Students.pdf

2014 Model UPR

2014 Model UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review

The ‘2014 Model UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR)’ will be held at Seoul National University on 10 – 11 July 2014. Students who are interested are welcome to participate in this contest.

  [For English] ☞

  [For Korean] ☞

* Facebook:

▪ English / Korean
▪ Two separate sets of sessions to be held in each language

[How to Apply]
▪ Form a team composed of two students
▪ Choose your language: English / Korean
▪ Choose the country you wish to represent:
Republic of Korea / Democratic People’s Republic of Korea / China / Japan
▪ Fill out the Application Form and send it to and deposit the participation fee (KRW 60,000 per team)

▪ Information Session: 26 April 2014 (in Korean only)
▪ Application deadline: 25 May 2014
▪ Announcement of finalists: 2 June 2014
▪ Orientation: 21 June 2014
▪ Finals: 10 – 11 July 2014

[Awards and Prizes]
▪ SNU President’s Award, Foreign Minister’s Award, Co-organizers’ Awards
▪ The best award winning team of each language group will be offered the opportunity to take part in a partially-funded international human rights training program or overseas volunteering

[Observer Registration]
▪ Send your name, affiliation and contact information to and deposit the observation fee (KRW 10,000)
▪ Observer registration deadline: 6 July 2014

* For more information, please refer to the Call for Application

* Please also note the Special Arrangements for Overseas Students (outside the Republic of Korea) provided separately.


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